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Cowboy Birthday Party


Cowboy Party Ideas & Decorations

  1. Use red and white checkered tablecloths, use cowboy hats and balloon bouquets as centerpieces and red bandanas as napkins and tray liners.
  2. Decorate the tables with rubber snakes and plastic spiders.
  3. Decorate with Wanted Posters around the party. For a fun touch use pictures of the birthday boy. The birthday boy will also get a kick out of seeing mom and dad on their own Wanted Posters!
  4. Use toy horses as balloon weights.
  5. If your party is outside use bales of hay around the party area to add authenticity to the party décor.
  6. In keeping with your cowboy party theme use cowboy rope the same way you would use streamers.
  7. A fun party prop and a great way to take photos is to use the wanted poster prop. This is a great take home for the kids

Cowboy Birthday Party Invitations

Create your own invitation by creating a Wanted Poster. Use a picture of the birthday boy as the “Wanted” person. Put all the party details below his picture.


Create your own party favor bags using toy horses, sheriff badges, water guns and rubber snakes.  Of course, don’t forget the candy such as licorice rope or licorice TNT!



Water Gun Aim

  1. Line up plastic horses, plastic bottles or empty cans.
  2. Give the kids water guns and each a turn to knock down the horses or cans using the water guns.

Bean Bag Toss

  1. Use a cowboy hat and bean bags.
  2. Have the kids try to toss the bean bags into the hat.

Snake Bite

  1. Using a rubber snack play the same way you would play hot potato.
  2. Play music and have the kids pass the snake.
  3. When the music stops whoever is holding the snake is out.

Hay Stack Hunt

  1. Hide cowboy toys such as small horses, sheriff badges and snakes in a hay and have the kids dive in and hunt for them.


  1. Have the kids play a real game of horseshoes.


Have the kids eat with their hands and tell them the cowboys ate with their hands on the trail. Even the baked beans!!

Fruit Kabobs


Baked Beans

Sweet Cornbreads

Chicken Nuggets

Sandwiches shaped like stars and call them sheriff badges

Trail Mix (be mindful of any nut allergies)


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