Cinco de Mayo for Kids Party

Host a Mexican fiesta in celebration of Cinco de Mayo for kids on May 5th! Celebrate the spirit, pride and unity of the Mexican culture. This is one of the largest Mexican celebration days. Cinco de Mayo recognizes the victory of Mexican troops at the battle of Puebla in 1862 between Mexico and France. It is typically celebrated with parades, dances, music and food.

Cinco de Mayo for Kids - Ideas & Decorations

The theme is a Mexican Fiesta so decorate with a Mexican inspired theme.

Cinco de Mayo For Kids - Activities

Create Musical Instruments for the kids to decorate and shake!

Have the kids decorate maracas and tambourines. To create the maracas you will need 2 styrofoam cups, beans and decorative accents such as glitter, ribbon and stickers, markers, glitter and glue. Prior to the party make the maracas. 1) Put a handful of beans in one cup. 2) Put a layer of hot glue on the rim of the cup with the beans then place the rim of the other cup on top of the glue. Allow to dry. 3) Allow the children to decorate the maracas using markers, stickers, ribbon, beads, buttons and anything else decorative.

To create the tambourines you will need 2 plates, beans, decorative accessories and a stapler. 1) Put the paper plates together with the inside of the plates facing in (this will create a hollow inside). 2) Staple around the entire rim of the plates leaving an opening wide enough to insert the beans. 3) Put the beans into the tambourine and then staple the hole closed. Note, the staples should be close enough together around the rim to prevent any beans from falling out. 4) Allow the children to decorate the tambourines using markers, stickers, ribbon, glitter, buttons, glue and anything else decorative.

Learn Spanish

Teach the kids simple words in Spanish such as numbers, colors, food items, simple objects and have them repeat back the words. Give out prizes for best pronunciations.

Mexican Hat Dance

Have the children make a circle holding hands. Place a hat in the middle of the circle. Tell the children to walk sideways when the music begins. When the name of a child is called that child walks to the middle of the circle and dances around the hat until another name is called and they rejoin the circle.

20 Questions

Thinks of something Cinco de Mayo related whether it be an item of food, clothing, a person or a place. Then tell the children, "I am thinking of something Cinco de Mayo related". The children have to try to guess what it is by asking no more than 20 questions that can be answered "Yes" or "No".

A pinata is a must at any Cinco de Mayo celebration. 

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Cinco de Mayo For Kids - Food

A Cinco de Mayo fiesta calls for Mexican inspired food. Click on this link to fun and easy Mexican recipes for kids. Find recipes for Cheese Tacos, PB&J Quesadillas, Nachos and Mexican Pizza! Mexican Food For Kids

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