5 Tips to Planning a Cheap Kids Party

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A children's party can be lots of fun and truly festive without breaking the bank. As we know our kids don't care how much we spend on their party, all they care about is fun with their friends. There are lots of inexpensive ways to have tons of fun at a Cheap Kids Party!.

1) Invitations

The least expensive invitation is a phone call or email. Of course, this is uber informal and should be saved for those parties that only include family and very close friends. Otherwise, making your own invitations can be inexpensive and fun. Depending on your theme there are many creative ways to make your own invitations. Check out some online invitation websites. Or look for pictures of your theme, print them on paper and include a catchy phrase along with all the party information essentials. Select a nice cardstock to print the invitation on and you've got a great invite.

2) Decorations

Your local Dollar Store is an excellent resource for throwing a Cheap Kids Party. Check out your local Dollar Store for inexpensive decorations. You can typically find balloons, streamers and paper products at the Dollar Store. Another good source for decorations is online. There are loads of online discount party stores with themed party products for whatever theme your little one can imagine. You can stock up on all the themed party products you need for about $30.

3) Favors

Yes, the Dollar Store is a great place for favors as well. Kids are more excited by the idea of a Goodie Bag than its actual contents. You can pick up a couple of kinds of candy and some stickers, colored pencils, hair barrettes or whatever is age appropriate. Your local party store will also have lots of items for Goodie Bags that are inexpensive as well.

4) Food

Lets face it kids are not coming to a party for the food. They are more excited by the activities, cake and their friends then the actual food. Therefore, you can get away with inexpensive party food such as chips, juice, hotdogs, chicken nuggets and sandwiches. These are all inexpensive and you can feed a party of kids for under $20.

5) Cake

If you want to save money on the cake you'll need to bake your own. If you're not much of a baker then relax, because a box cake is just fine for kids. Decorate with festive colors and use sprinkles, candy or whatever decorations will make the cake festive.

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