CandyLand Party

CandyLand Party Ideas & Decorations

The great thing about a CandyLand party is that there are many party supplies available for purchase.  CandyLand themed plates, cups, napkins, invitations and more are available which makes pulling your theme together pretty simple. 

  • Use CandyLand primary colors which are red, orange, purple, green, yellow or blue.  These are all prominent colors you'll find in the CandyLand board game.
  • Be creative with candy, such as creating lollipop centerpieces. These are easy to make and super cute.
  • The lollipop centerpieces can double as party favors or party game gifts.  
  • A candy buffet is a must.  A candy buffet is perfect for a CandyLand party.

Lollipop Centerpiece - You'll need a flower pot, round craft foam, Elmers glue and lollipops.  Put a line of glue inside the pot about a 1/2 inch down.  Stick the round craft foam in the pot so that it sticks to the glue.  Allow to dry.  Once the foam is securely in the pot stick the lollipops in the craft foam starting from the top of the pot building towards the top of the foam as you go. 

Candy Buffet - Fill glass jars and vases (of varying shapes and sizes) with candy such as M&Ms, Skittles  and peppermints.  Candy canes are also perfect for a CandyLand party.

More Decorating Ideas

  • On your tables scatter colorful candy such as Starbursts, Now-a-laters, dum dums any candy that is individually wrapped.
  • As you decorate keep the CandyLand game in mind. Set up separate party areas or tables and decorate each as different CandyLand destinations.  Such as the Peppermint Forest table or Gum Drop Mountain area.   
  • Decorating outside the party area is an opportunity to get your guests excited before they enter the party.  Pull out those candy cane lawn decorations from Christmas.  These make an excellent outdoor decoration for a Candy Land party.


We love a creative homemade invitation whenever possible.  When making your own invitations it must be done well.  If your homemade invitation looks like a school project then it's best to purchase invitations.  There are so many cute invitations available for purchase which makes this is a good option.  But, for  CandyLand party a creative homemade invitation is easy. 

CandyLand Invitation - Purchase the large swirl lollipops and attach the invitation to the stick using ribbon.  Since the lollipops are colorful and fun you can get away with printing a simple invitation.  Put a hole in the corner of the invitation and attach it to the lollipop using ribbon. 

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Candy, candy, candy of course!  In addition to the usual candy add some fun pieces such as candy jewelry, the large swirl lollipops.


Candy Land House - Purchase the pre-made gingerbread houses and provide candy to decorate. 

Chocolate Paint - Have the kids create artwork using chocolate as finger paint. Use milk chocolate and white chocolate. To allow for multiple colors dye the white chocolate with food coloring.

Cookie Decorating - Have the kids decorate cookies. Sugar cookies are an easy cookie to decorate.  Provide writing gel, candy, sprinkles and frosting.

Candyland Party Necklaces & Bracelets - Have the kids make their own candy jewelry. Provide string and any candy that has a hole in the middle.  String the candy to create necklaces and bracelets.  Also, provide different color liquorice and have the kids make braid the liquorice to make bracelets.

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The usual kids party food such as sandwiches, chicken nuggets and pizza work well for this party.

For a fun touch use a gingerbread man cookie cutter and cut out the sandwiches and pizza in gingerbread man shapes.

The following treats work well with your CandyLand theme such as jell-o jigglers, rice krispie treats, fudge, peppermint ice cream and gingerbread man cookies.

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