Bowling Party Ideas

Bowling Party Ideas & Decorations

A destination birthday party is easier to plan than a party inside  your home.  A bowling party is a perfect destination birthday party for kids.  The activity and entertainment is already provided...the bowling of course!

Visit your local bowling alley to reserve lanes and party space. Typically you can have food provided by the bowling alley.  All you'll need to bring is a few decorations and the cake.  Be sure to discuss this with your local bowling alley as the terms vary.  Some alley's may provide the cake others may not allow decorations so be sure you know the rules.

As a keepsake ask the bowling alley for an old bowling pin and have the guests sign it as a memento for the birthday child. Remember to bring a marker!


  1. Use card stock to cut out invitations in the shape of bowling balls or bowling pins.
  2. Write on the card, "Lets strike up some fun at (insert birthday child's name and insert birthday child's age) Birthday Party!"
  3. Include date, time, location and any other important information. Remember to tell guests to wear socks!

Bowling Party Favors

Goody Bag Idea - Since you can't put a bowling ball in a gift bag why not try a variety of different games that do fit in a gift bag such as paddle ball, jacks, marbles, go fish cards. 


Of course, bowling is your main activity but we've put together a few more ideas to add to the fun.

Photo Op

Take action photos as the kids are bowling. Use a Polaroid so the kids can take the pictures home.

Trivia Game

For fun have a bowling trivia contest.

Crazy Bowl

  1. Prior to the party write silly bowling moves such as bowl through your legs, bowl left handed, bowl on your tip toes on cards
  2. Place the cards in a bag.  Before each child bowls they draw a card from the bag and follow the directions.

Visit our party games page where we compiled over 30 kids party games for our readers.


Most likely the bowling alley is providing the food, but if not the typical party food such as pizza, sandwiches and chicken nuggets work. As well as some snacks such as fruit kabobs, veggies with dip or chips and dip.

As always get creative and incorporate your theme into your food.

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