Blues Clues Party Supplies

Blues Clues Party Supplies, Ideas & Decorations

  • The color for a Blues Clues party is, of course, BLUE! Decorate using varying shades of blue (be sure to use turquoise).
  • As always, balloons are a decorating necessity. Decorate using blue and white balloons, streamers and tableware.
  • For a centerpiece use a Blues Clues stuffed animal and tie balloons to it.
  • Use blue chalk to draw paw prints outside leading up to the party entrance.
  • A fun item that can also serve as a party favor is handing out dog tags when the children arrive. 
  • Another fun item for the kids is dog ears. Attach blue dog ears made out of craft foam, felt, or construction paper to a head band and give them to the children when they arrive. You can also use these as a party activity. Provide the items and have the kids make the ears.
  • Face painting is fun. When the guests arrive paint a blue paw print on their cheek (with parents permission, of course). This is Blue's sign of friendship. 
  • Using an old mailbox, spray paint it purple and attach felt eyes and a smile. This can be used as a decoration and double as a party prop. Each time a child wins a prize put it in the mailbox (without them seeing) and have them take it out of the mailbox. Or put candy in the mailbox and tell the children to have a look inside and they'll be delighted to find candy.
  • Decorate the tables with Dog Bone Confetti!

Blues Clues Party Supplies & Favors

Goody Bag Ideas - Use a shovel and pail as the goody bag and add items such as the Blues Clue's Handy Dandy notebooks by giving the kids a little notebook and blue pencil. Here are some other items to include: coloring book, a dog shaped cookie cuter and bubbles.

Blues Clues Party Supplies & Activities

The Thinking chair

  1. Cover an arm chair with red fabric (a red sheet will work well).
  2. Then place several items the kids will recognize on a tray such as a toy car, spoon, pencil, cookie and so on.
  3. Show the items to the kids for about 1 or 2 minutes.
  4. Take the tray away and then have each child take turns sitting in the thinking chair and telling you 1 item that was on the tray.
  5. The child gets a prize when they guess an item correctly.

Clue Us In

  1. Prior to the party purchase a prize that is the same for each child.
  2. Something small that can fit in a covered box or sealed bag such as small bubbles, small balls or stickers.
  3. Then create clues about the item on blue paw prints.
  4. Scatter the clues around the party area.
  5. Show the children the sealed box or bag and tell them they have to find all the clues.
  6. The clues will help them to guess what's in the box/bag.
  7. When they guess correctly give each child a prize.

Dog Ears

  1. Provide a craft area with supplies for the children and tell them to decorate their dog ears.
  2. See above under "Ideas and Decorations" on how to make the ears.
  3. Provide blue sticker dots, glitter, markers, and glue and let the kids decorate.

Do The Blue

  1. Play the Blues Clue's CD, while the children do Blue's dance moves.
  2. You may need to demonstrate the dance moves, then watch the kids dance away.
  3. The Dance:
    Swing your arms from side to side, sway your head, swish your hips around Then do them all together!

Shovel And Pail Relay

  1. Purchase two sand buckets and shovels.
  2. Divide the children into 2 teams.
  3. Have a relay race where the children have to pick up a small block with the shovel on one side of the room and then run to the other and dump it into the pail.
  4. The first team to put all their blocks into their pail is the winner.

Blues Clues Food

Bone Breadsticks

Breadstick dough
Marinara sauce
Melted butter
Parmesan cheese or sesame seeds

  1. Cut the breadstick dough into strips.
  2. Using a scissor, snip the ends of each strip into 2 then roll them down to make the bone shape.
  3. Cook the breadsticks.
  4. When done brush melted butter on them and sprinkle with parmesan cheese or sesame seeds.

Blue Vanilla Ice Cream

  1. Use blue food coloring in the ice cream.

Marconi and Cheese

  1. Use Kraft's Blues Clues Mac & Cheese.

Blue Corn Dogs

  1. Make your own corn dogs and add food coloring to the cornmeal.

Bone Sandwich

  1. Make sandwiches and cut them into the shape of dog bones using a cookie cutter.

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