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Frequently Asked Questions For Birthday Party Planning

Birthday party planning does not have to be stressful. We've put together a list of frequently asked questions and answers to help make your planning process easier.

How far in advance should I book entertainment for a kids party?

Depending on where you live entertainment can book up as far as 2 months in advance. Certainly in big cities entertainment books up quickly. If you live in a big city such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago you should book 2 months in advance. In smaller areas 4 to 6 weeks is usually enough time.

How long should the party last?

Kids have short attention spans so the party does not have to last long. The age range of the children will determine the length of the party. 1 hour is fine for children 5 and under. Children 6 to 8 can handle a 2 hour party and for kids 8 to 10 then 3 hours is sufficient.

How many activities should I plan?

The last thing you want at a kids party is a bunch of kids with nothing to do. So, be sure to have enough kids party games to keep the kids entertained. For a 2 hour party you should plan on at least 6 activities that are at least 15 minutes each.

How many children should I invite?

Do not think you have to invite every child in the neighborhood. Typically you should invite the number of children equal to your child's age. So a 5 year old will have 5 guests at his party. This will keep the party manageable and the birthday child will be able to interact with all his guests. When you have too many guests the kids tend to get overwhelmed not to mention the parents which can lead to chaos.

Do I have to invite everyone in my child's class?

No, but don't advertise the party. Don't have your child hand the invitations out in class. You should mail the invitations or have the teacher distribute them discreetly.

Are competitive games Ok?

Yes. Competitive games are fun for the kids and perfectly acceptable at a birthday party. The key is to be sure every child gets a prize. Mix up the games for different types of personalities so that all the kids have an opportunity to shine, such as athletic games, crafts, treasure hunts, etc. Also, keep the prizes simple so every child feels like they got equal gifts.

What food should I provide?

Food is least important to children at a party. Kids are more interested in the games, activities and playing with their friends. With that said, we are not including the ice cream and cake in this category because kids do love the cake, but the party food is not of much interest. The party food should be easy and something kids enjoy, some good choices are pizza, chicken nuggets, sandwiches, fruit, veggie's and dip, hot dogs and french fries. Your effort should go into other areas such as party game ideas not the food.

What theme should I choose for a kids party?

When choosing a theme get your child's input. You child will probably want the theme to center around whatever they are currently like at the moment such as a dinosaur theme for dinosaur lovers or a Cinderella theme, princess theme, baseball theme, or a theme centered around their favorite cartoon. Luckily their are tons of party theme products available so whatever the theme you will most likely be able to find party products to match.

birthday party planning does not have to be stressful. Planning your child's next birthday can be fun when you pay attention to detail and follow a few simple suggestions.

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