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Baseball Birthday Party

Baseball Birthday Party Ideas & Decorations

  • For a Baseball Birthday Party coordinate your theme around the birthday boys favorite team. If he doesn't have a favorite team then use your favorite or decorate in a general baseball theme.
  • Purchasing baseball theme party supplies is the way to go in either your team logo or general baseball decorations.
  • Decorate with baseball pennants and posters on the wall (your child's favorite player if he has one).
  • Balloons always add an inexpensive but huge design element. Use colors that match your team or the decorations you purchased. Also, add a few baseball shaped balloons. 
  • Continue your baseball theme party by hanging a sports pennant down the back of each chair.
  • Use styrofoam balls as place settings. Put the party guests names on them.
  • Turn plastic baseball hats upside down and use them as serving bowls for snacks such as candy, chips and ice cream.
  • Use baseball gloves as centerpieces with balloons tied to them.
  • Give out baseball hats as party hats when your guest arrive.
  • Have all the guests sign a baseball or glove for the birthday boy.

Baseball Party Favors

Goody Bag Ideas - use party bags and include baseball whistles, baseball cards, chocolate baseballs, baseball stickers, power bars and wristbands. 

Baseball Birthday Party Activities

The activities for a baseball party vary based on the age of the birthday boy!

5 year olds


  1. Create a crafts station and allow the kids to create their own pennants.
  2. Use felt paper cut out like pennants on wooden dowels and allow the kids to decorate.
  3. Provide glitter, stickers, ribbons, markers, glue and anything else you can think of to decorate with.
  4. Either put all the supplies out for the kids to grab or create baggies with the kids names and give each child their own supplies.

Hot Baseball

Play the same way as Hot Potato except using a baseball.

  1. Begin play by placing all the children in a circle.
  2. Have the kids pass a baseball around the circle as quickly as possible.
  3. While the baseball is being passed, music is being played (play baseball music like "Take me out to the ball park"). 
  4. When the music stops whoever is holding the baseball is eliminated from the circle
  5. The last person in the circle is the winner.

10 year olds

Baseball Trivia

  1. Hold a baseball trivia contest and give out prizes.

Baseball Game

  1. Play a game of baseball.

Make Your Own Trading Cards

  1. Make their own personal trading cards.
  2. Take Polaroid’s of each child.
  3. Set up a crafts station and allow the kids to create trading cards with their photo.
  4. Provide card stock paper. Have the kids paste their pictures to the paper and create their own stats. Just like a real baseball card.

All ages


  1. Baseball themed piñata.
  2. Use a wiffle ball bat as the piñata stick.
  3. Make sure you clear the area when each kid swings.   You don't want any of the guests hit with the wiffle bat

Trading Cards

  1. Give out baseball trading cards as prizes then let the kids trade each other for the ones they want.

Balloon Baseball

  1. Using a balloon the children need to pass it around and keep it from touching the floor. Use a water balloon if you are outside.

Ball Toss

  1. Use a softball or Nerf ball and have the kids toss it either at a target (for older kids) or through a hula hoop (younger kids).

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Of course a baseball party calls for hot dogs!  Offer soft pretzels and chips with the hog dogs and your food matches your theme.

Birthday Cake

Frost a square or rectangular cake with green frosting. Use crushed graham crackers or vanilla wafers as the baseball diamond. Pipe white frosting to outline the diamond and make the bases. Add baseball toy figure as desired.

A baseball party is sure to be a home run with your little one!

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