Barnyard Party

Throw your little animal lover a Barn Yard party. A Barnyard party is a perfect 1st birthday party.  One year old's are exposed to lots of animals through story books, nursery rhymes, the zoo and cartoons. It's a familiar theme that can be lots of fun.

1) This party can be thrown at your home or at a local farm. Wherever you choose to throw the party begin with a few barn yard party themed supplies such as invitations, plates and cups.

2) Use stuffed animals as centerpieces such as cows, horses or pigs and tie balloons to the stuffed animals.

3) Decorate with a few hales of bay and if you have a wooden rocking horse set that out as well.

4) For an added touch play a children's farm CD in the background.

5) Hand out cowboy hats as party hats to your guests.

Barnyard Party Activities

Although a 1st birthday is usually more about the adults than the children you should still have activities scheduled for the kids.

Egg Hunt

An egg hunt is a great way to get the kids moving.

  1. Prior to the party hide plastic eggs filled with candy and tell the kids the chickens hatched their eggs and the kids have to find them.

Pony Ride

  1. Depending on the age of the kids and your party locale rent a pony for pony rides.

Pin The Tale

  1. Another fun activity would be pin the tale on the donkey (or you could use a pig, cow or horse).

If you throw the party at a farm then the farm will be all the activity you need. The kids will love seeing and petting the animals. They can have tons of fun exploring the farm, of course supervised by the staff.

Barnyard Party Food

The food will be more important to the adults than the kids but some fitting suggestions would be sloppy joes, hamburgers, hot dogs and anything barbecue. Baked potatoes would be fitting as well. Be sure to have a few simple choices for the kids such as sandwiches or chicken nuggets.  

Fruit is an excellent choice especially if you make it fun like this little piggy!


A Barnyard party is perfect for a 1 year old because both the kids and adults will enjoy it. Everyone loves animals!

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