Barbie Party

Barbie Birthday Party Ideas & Decorations

When we think of a Barbie Party we think of PINK & GIRLY! Create a pink paradise filled with girly touches such as bows, flowers and dolls.

  • Decorate the table with pink tablecloths white or black doilies and the chair backs with pink bows.  Add bouquets of pink and white balloons around the room. 
  • Scatter pink and white sequins or pink candies around the table as confetti.
  • Purchase barbie party supplies such as plates, cups and napkins.
  • Use Barbie dolls as centerpieces. Accessorize Barbie in a big ball gown for the centerpiece and make sure her hair is combed! Add a bouquet of pink flowers (carnations will do) or a bouquet of pink balloons to finish off the centerpiece.
  • Add a few Barbie posters around the room for an added touch. And these can be hung in the Birthday girls room after the party!
  • Use tiaras as party hats. Make every guest a Princess Barbie by handing out tiaras to all the girls when they arrive.
  • And who doesn't need a Barbie feather boa. This can be a little something to make the birthday girl feel special or maybe you want all the girls to rock the boa!

Barbie Birthday Party Favors

Goody Bag Ideas - use little purses as the goody bags adding candy rings, candy necklaces, Barbie paper doll book, children's makeup (lipstick, eye shadow, lip gloss), Barbie doll clothes, Barbie coloring book.


Makeup Fun

Set up a makeup area for the girls to play with makeup. Provide an area with mirrors and makeup such as lipstick, eye shadow and blush. Let the girls paint their faces.

Jewelry Fun

Set up an area to bead jewelry. Provide the supplies and let them go. After all Barbie loves jewelry.

Barbie Fun

Tell the girls to bring their favorite Barbie doll and then allow for free play time. Provide the accessories (clothes, brushes, barrettes).

Picture Time

Take Polaroid pictures of guests with their dolls.

Barbie Says

Barbie says (Simon Says).

Mirror Fun

Decorate a mirror. Provide the decorating supplies and glue.

Barbie Pinata

And of course a Barbie pinata would be a hit at a Barbie party!

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Serve tiny sandwiches and pink lemonade or ice tea. Serve the lemonade or ice tea in tea cups. Serve the ice tea in the plastic toy tea cups with saucers.

Serve something pink that would not normaly be pink like pink chocolate chip cookies!  Pink sherbet soda floats with crazy straws.

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