Barbie Birthday Party

Barbie has been a young girls favorite toy for more than 50 years and that is why girls young and old love Barbie! Therefore planning a Barbie party is often as much fun for mom as it is for daughter. There are tons of Barbie party supplies to choose.

When thinking Barbie think pink and purple, purses, makeup, Barbie dolls, tiaras, feather boas, long gloves and gowns. Think girly!

Barbie Birthday Party Ideas & Tips:

1) Great colors for a Barbie birthday party are pink and purple. You can't get more girly than that.

2) Take advantage of the loads of Barbie party decorations available.  These decorations will give you a start in decorating for your theme.

3) You can add your own personal touches in many ways.  For a Barbie party we like using the birthday girls Barbie dolls as centerpieces.  Put the dolls in the center of the table and tie balloons to them.

4) Hang Barbie posters around the party area to help bring your theme together.

5) The girls will love a makeup station activity. Have someone available to do the girls makeup and/or nails. Remember to have another activity going for the children that are waiting their turn.

6) Another activity in line with your theme is beaded or candy jewelry making. Set up a station with all the supplies for the children to string together beaded or candy jewelry. This can also serve as party favors too!

7) We all know Barbie is a diva so have the birthday girl wear a tiara instead of a party hat. Or if you want to spread the diva-ness around give all the children tiaras to wear.

8) Designate some time for free play with Barbie dolls. Either tell the children to bring a Barbie doll to the party or provide enough for the kids to play with and let them have fun. Remember to have clothes, brushes and accessories available for the kids to use.

9) Another fun activity is providing play clothes for the kids to dress up in such as gowns, heels and hats.

10) Of course, party favors are a necessity at any party.  For a Barbie party we like filling the goody bag with plastic gems, rings and necklaces.  Also, candy necklaces and rings.  Coloring books, crayons and glue glitter are good options.

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