Baby Einstein Party

Create an amazing 1st birthday with a Baby Einstein party. Baby Einstein is about learning, music and bright colors. Create a cheerful, musical party for your little one. Begin with Baby Einstein products such as invitations, plates, cups, tablecloths and napkins.

1) Decorate with Baby Einstein party products and mix it up by using primary colors (the Baby Einstein signature colors). Choose blue, red or yellow table clothes. If you have several tables mix and match the colors. Use blue, red or yellow streamers to wrap around stair railings and posts.

2) Since this is a 1st birthday party add in a few 1st birthday touches. Some great ideas are #1 centerpieces, 1st birthday bibs, a 1st birthday banner, 1st birthday front door sign or garage door sign. 

3) And don't forget balloons. Balloons add a huge decorating element at a minimal cost. For a Baby Einstein party we would suggest a few Baby Einstein balloons and lots of blue, red and yellow balloons through out.

4) If you're considering entertainment then consider a puppet show, but make sure you tailor the show to the age of your guests.

And remember Baby Einstein is all about music. Play classical music in the background or create a safe area for the kids to dance and get them moving.

5) Here are a few more ideas to round out your Baby Einstein party theme:

  • use musical note invitations
  • decorate the cake with musical notes
  • have a caterpillar cake or caterpillar cupcakes
  • frost the cake with blue, yellow or red frosting
  • use Baby Einstein puppets or stuffed animals as centerpieces (these will serve as a cute centerpiece and the kids can play with them too)
  • put a baby Einstein DVD in the goody bags (you can purchase them off eBay at a marked down price)
  • hang musical cut-outs from the ceiling
  • purchase Baby Einstein coloring books and set up an arts and crafts center.
  • provide some Baby Einstein toys for the children to play with. Scatter them around the party area and let the kids play at will. If you have older kids attending be sure to include a few age appropriate toys for them too.

A first birthday party is about the memories. Let your creative spirit run wild and enjoy the memories.

Baby Einstein Party Favors

For a fun party favor and keeping with the theme give Baby Einstein toys as a favor.

Baby Einstein Activities

As we all know 1 year olds aren't going to play party games, but since 1st birthday parties are typically full of adults too...try some of these fun party games for the parents!

Often the 1st birthday party is really more for the adults than the baby. After all the birthday child may not even be aware it's their birthday. And as we all know a 1 year old doesn't play party games. But, since you typically have more adults at the 1st birthday party it's a fun idea to keep them entertained. Try some of these fun and playful party games for adults.

Bottle Bowling

  1. Fill baby bottles with beans or rice, something to keep them stable.
  2. Arrange the bottles like bowling pins.
  3. Mark a spot for the bowler to stand, a good distance from the bottles.
  4. Using a small ball have them try to knock down the bottles.

Baby Can...

  1. Prior to the party put together a list of the things your baby can do and can't do. Such as smile, laugh, walk, talk, recite his alphabet, eat with a spoon, eats vegetables, etc.
  2. Hand out a copy of the list to each guest and have them mark which items the baby CAN do and which items the baby CAN'T do.
  3. The guest who is most accurate wins.

Poop Diaper

This game may seem gross, but it really gets people laughing.

  1. You will need several different types of candy bars and diapers.
  2. Melt each candy bar.
  3. Put a melted candy bar into a diaper. The idea is that the diaper looks like a poop diaper.
  4. You should have several diapers with a different candy bar (poop) in each. Be sure to keep a list of which type of candy bar is in each diaper.
  5. Then pass the poop diapers around and have the guests guess which type of candy bar is in each. They can taste and smell the poop diapers to guess.

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