Abby Cadabby Party

Create a magical birthday with an Abby Cadabby Party! Abby Cadabby is all about magic.  The party theme should be Abby, Sesame Street and magic.

  • Begin with Abby themed party supplies such as Abby plates, cups, tablecloths and napkins. 
  • Mix and match solid colors that match the Abby theme such as bright pink table clothes and lavender napkins.
  • If this is a 1st birthday party add in a few 1st birthday touches alongside Abby (she likes to share!). Some great ideas are #1 centerpieces, 1st birthday bibs, a 1st birthday banner, 1st birthday front door sign or garage door sign. 
  • And don't forget balloons. Balloons add a huge decorating element at a minimal cost. For the party we would suggest 3 or 4 Abby balloons and then add lots of bright pink and purple balloons.
  • As for the magic...a magician would be a great touch to tie in the theme. But remember, if none of the children are older than 1 than the magician is probably going to be lost on them. Regardless of how much an entertainer tailors his show to be age appropriate, there is not much an entertainer can do to keep a 1 year old enthralled for long. If the children at your party range in age from around 2 and older than a magician would be a fun addition. And parents love magicians as well.
  • Here are a few more fun ideas: a cake with bright pink frosting, include magic story books in their goody bags, for party hats have the kids wear magician hats and hand out little pink pom poms to match Abby's pom pom or hand out wands.
  • A fun activity is to have the kids make their own star wands.

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