Unicorn Theme Party

Who doesn't like a Unicorn Theme Party!  The whimsical decorations and colorful theme are sure to delight every child and adult alike.

Ideas for a magical Unicorn Theme Party!

  • When preparing for a Unicorn party keep in mind 3 things unicorns, rainbows and lots and lots of color!  
  • Decorate with rainbow streamers throughout the party area.
  • Sugar Cone table decor is a fun way to decorate.  Doesn't a sugar cone look like a unicorn horn!
  • The kids will love unicorn headbands.  Hand them out when the guests arrive.
  • Glitter, sparkles and confetti wherever you can fit it in!
  • For some reason a tutu just seems appropriate for a Unicorn party.  Dress the birthday girl in a tutu!

Unicorn Theme Party Favors

Goody Bag Ideas

  • Unicorn headband
  • Stuffed Unicorn
  • Unicorn stickers
  • Rainbow lollipops
  • Colored popcorn
  • Colorful paint set or magic marker set
  • Colored sand

Unicorn Theme Party Activities

Pin the Horn on the Unicorn

Unicorn Name Game

  1. Use a name list similar to below picture.
  2. Have each guest put their Unicorn name on a name tag.
  3. Every time a guest remembers to call a guest by their Unicorn name they get a prize (piece of candy).

Unicorn Ring Toss

Every kids loves a good ole game of ring toss. You can purchase a ring toss or create your own.

Unicorn Pinata

A unicorn pinata is a must.  You can pick one up in any party store.

Unicorn Craft

Get your guests involved and have them make their own unicorn horns.

  1. Give each child a cut out of a unicorn horn.
  2. Provide all the basic supplies such as glue, glitter, markers, confetti and more.
  3. You can even offer prizes for the most creative.

Pony Rides

This one calls for a lot of space and the budget, but if you have both pony rides are a great activity for a unicorn party.  Just add a horn to the pony and your guests will believe they are riding a unicorn.

Unicorn Theme Party Food

  • Colored Popcorn
  • Unicorn Cupcakes
  • Colorful Fruit Salad
  • Ice Cream with lots of sprinkles and whip cream
  • Unicorn Pizza.  Add food coloring to the cheese and some edible glitter!