Pokemon Birthday Party

Is your child Pokemon obsessed?  Pokemon cards, Pokemon toys, Pokemon video games??  Everything Pokemon!  Then their next party has to be a Pokemon Birthday Party!  There are lots of creative and fun ways to decorate and prepare for a Pokemon Party and luckily we are here to guide you through!

Pokemon Birthday Party Decorating Ideas

Here are some fun ideas to use when throwing your own Pokemon Birthday Party with Pikachu and his friends.  

  • When throwing a Pokemon party the number one thing to remember is the colors....yellow, black, red and blue of course! These are your go-to colors.
  • There are lots of Pokemon party supplies available so visit your local party store or check out one of the online stores listed on this page.  You can pick up all kinds of Pokemon items such as pokeball plates, Pikachu hats and so on.
  • Pokemon card banner.  Now you have a use for all those duplicate cards you get!  You will need a long wide ribbon or streamer.  Tape the Pokemon cards to you ribbon/streamer and then hang.  Voila you have a Pokemon Card Banner that is very easy to create! 

Create Pokemon Centerpieces 

Take a large white Styrofoam ball.  Paint one end of the ball red (starting from the middle).  Leave the other end white.  Wrap a black ribbon around the middle where the red and white meet. Draw a small round black dot to put on the ribbon.

You will also need a base for it to stand on.  Check out your local craft store for a wooden base and dowel.  Glue the dowel to the base then stick the ball on the dowel.

Party Favors

  • Of course Pokemon toys.  You can get inexpensive Pokemon character toys on Amazon in bulk.  Throw a couple in the goodie bags.
  • Pokemon Cards.  You can also get these on Amazon in bulk
  • Pokeballs

Pikachu Treat Bags

Create your own Pikachu bags.  These bags are simple to make using a yellow bag and markers.


The last thing you want are bored kids.  Here are some fun activities.

Pokeball Hunt

If you have outside space a Pokeball hunt is fun.  Prior to guests arriving hide pokeballs around the yard.  The kids have to hunt for them and they get to keep what they find so it doubles as a party favor as well! 

If you don't want to pay for a bunch of pokeballs you can use pingpong balls and sharpies to create these inexpensive pokeballs.

Pikachu Pin the Tale

You'll need a poster of Pikachu or draw a picture.  Then make a Pikachu tale. If you can make a lightning bolt you can figure out a Pikachu tale.  Then have the kids pin the tale on Pikachu just like the original game.

Pokemon Trivia

A true Pokemon believes he knows all things Pokemon.  Test their skills with a some Pokemon questions.  Award prizes for those who get the right answer.

Pokemon Bowling

You will need a few cans, pictures of your favorite Pokemon and a pokeball (preferably a soft one that's not so rough on your floors).  Wrap the pictures around the cans, then stack then cans and bowl!  


  • Pokeball Pizza anyone!
  • These Pokeball apples are surprisingly easy.  Use red apples.  Frost the bottom with white frosting. Line the middle with black frosting and then chocolate sprinkles on the black frosting.
  • And it wouldn't be a Pokemon birthday party without a Pokemon cake or Pokemon cupcakes.