2nd Birthday Party Ideas

Party Ideas

What makes a 2nd birthday so incredibly special is that your child will understand that this birthday is about them.  To be completely honest the 1st birthday party is for the adults in a child's life (mom, dad, grandma, grandpa...).  On your child's 2nd birthday they are aware that this celebration has something to do with them! It's fun to observe the birthday child as they realize this party is for them and it's fun as parents to have an opportunity to see your toddler interact with family and friends.

If your 2 year old is going through the clingy stage then don't overwhelm him or her with to many people or unfamiliar faces. Instead invite a few close relatives and keep it small. If your child is more adventurous when it comes to people and loves attention, then invite family and friends. And be sure to invite the children your child sees regularly at play dates and activities.

A Theme

Picking a theme can also be based around some of your child's favorite things.  Choose the birthday child's favorite cartoon character, storybook or movie character as the theme of your party.

If your still can't come up with any 2nd birthday party ideas then visit some of our other pages with lots of ideas appropriate for a 2 year old party such as a Barnyard Animal Party or Train Party.  Best of all, ask your 2 year old!  They now have interests and can tell you what they want whether it's a car, train or princess party.

For a 2nd birthday party there is no need to rent a location. Having a party at home is familiar for your 2 year old and your child is sure to be more comfortable. Save those expensive rentals for a later birthday, it is wasted on a 2 year old.

The length of the party should be no more than 2 hours. And plan the party around your child's nap time so they are as happy and comfortable as possible. If your child naps at 4 then have the part from 1 to 3. As an alternative, morning parties are great for young children.

Should we have Games??

This age is still too young for most party games. One option is to put out a few toys for the toddlers to have free play and provide space for them to run around. That's pretty much all they need in terms of entertainment.  And remember at this age 2 year olds are not very social and probably have not mastered the art of sharing so be sure to have enough toys for everyone. And unless you want a crying birthday boy or girl on your hands don't put out the birthday child's favorite toys!  Another tip for keeping the peace is to have enough supervision.

If you want to try some activities then simple activities such as story time, dress up cloths, balloons (be sure to remove any balloons that pop, they are a choking hazard), and music work well.

What About Food??

As you know 2 year olds can be picky eaters! The food should be colorful, fun and small portions. Big hits are animal shaped food, bug shaped food and bright colors.

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