2nd Birthday Party Products

After throwing your child's 1st birthday you did not think it could get any better, but the 2nd birthday is even more fun than the 1st. For this birthday your child is more mobile and will interact more with family and friends. A 2 year old is still not entirely social but will enjoy the day more than they did at one                  

2nd Birthday Tips:

Time sure does fly! It seems like just yesterday your baby turned 1 and know it is time to plan another birthday party!!

At 2 your child is probably playing alongside other children, but not directly with other kids. Therefore, inviting a lot of kids to your child's party isn't necessary. It is more important to celebrate with people that are important to your child and important to your family.

At the age of 2 your child may be going through sharing, hitting or biting issues.  Although this can be embarrassing this is normal behavior for a 2 year old child.  If you find yourself in this situation then fewer children is better. No need to get the birthday child aggravated with guests they won't play with anyway. A good rule of thumb for kids parties is 1 child per age of the child. So 2 kids for a 2 year old's birthday.

And remember when throwing a party at this age a familiar location is the best idea. Your child will be more comfortable at a place they recognize like home. So, renting the extravagant party place can wait a few more years.  This will be lost on your two year old.

A hired entertainer is fine at this age but you can also save yourself a few bucks and play a some simple games at home.  The children will not care if there is live entertainment. Often the live entertainment can cause more tears than laughs at this age. Some appropriate games at this age would be a game of Simon Says, Hot Potato, Freeze Dance, Duck Duck Goose, Hokey Pokey and bubbles.

Lastly, plan the time of the party around your child's nap time. After all you want the birthday child as happy as possible. A sleepy, cranky child makes for an unpleasant party for everyone. And chances are your child's nap time is the same time as your young guests which will make things easier for the other kids and their parents too.

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