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1st Birthday Invitations

It feels like you just brought home your little one yet a year has flown by.  A 1st birthday party to mark this momentous occasion is a wonderful way to celebrate baby, mommy and daddy!

So, like many parents you decide to throw a 1st birthday party for your little one. Save yourself unnecessary stress by following our tips and guides when planning this special party.

Sending 1st Birthday Invitations

Invite guests at least 4 weeks prior to the party to give guests a chance to "save the date". There are many ways to invite guests to your child's 1st birthday party. You can choose to purchase custom invitations, create your own invitation, purchase fill-in-the-blank invites, send out a custom Smilebox invitation or word of mouth.

However you choose to announce this momentous occasion be sure it is inline with the type of party you are giving. For example, a word-of-mouth invitation is appropriate for a small party consisting of close family, but a large scale party with family, friends, entertainment and so on is worthy of a custom invitation. The invitation sets the tone of your party, because an invitation is your guests first impression of your party.  It tells your guests what to expect.

Invitation Types

Whether you decide to do a custom invitation or a fill-in-the blank there are lots of affordable options. Don't let the idea of "custom" frighten you. There are many custom kids birthday party invitations that are affordable. And many custom invitations that can be done online. 

We personally use Smilebox. We can't rave enough about this program that allows you to print custom invitations as well as do lots of creative things with your photos. So after the party come back to Smilebox and create a scrapbook or collage of your party. You can even set it to music and send to your party guests.

Many of us are creative and want to make our own kids party invitations. Making your own invitation is an excellent way to ensure you have an invitation that matches your theme. When creating your own invitation keep in mind the size and shape when planning to mail the invites. If you are hand delivering or passing them out in the classroom then size and shape don't matter!

To help make creating your own invitation a bit easier we've put together a page of Invitation Wording Samples for our readers.  Yes, we think of everything!

When choosing 1st birthday invitations the theme should guide you. Again, an invitation tells your guests what to expect. Therefore, you don't want to send out a sports themed invitation when you are throwing a Barbie party.

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