A 1st Birthday Gift

Check out the items we like for a 1st birthday gift.

1st Birthday Gifts:

A gift for a one year old can really be anything of your choosing such as toys, clothes, books, money or savings bonds.  It's even acceptable at this age to give items they aren't old enough for yet, but will grow into such as older toddler toys. 

1) Toys

If you decide to give a toy remember that 1 year old's are trying to prefect their hand-eye coordination and motor skills.  Toys such as shape sorters, stacking or nesting toys, blocks and peg toys.

2) Starting To Walk

One year old's are just starting to get on the move.  Toys that allow them to practice walking and build their confidence are are great such as push toys or pull toys. 

3) Noise

Noise, noise and more noise.  One year old's love toys that make noise.  This may not be the number one toy on the parents wish list but for a one year old musical instruments do the trick.

4) Bath Toys

Bath toys are an often over looked gift.  At this age kids love to linger in the bath and play.  A bath toy will definitely be used if this is the gift  you choose to give.

5) Books

Books are always a great gift regardless of the age.  For a one year old you want to give them the thick board books since we all know the corners of these books will end up in their mouths.  They aren't ready for a paperback book but board books are a great gift.

6) DVDs

Movies are a great present as well.  None of us want our kids watching TV all the time but a DVD of episodes from their favorite TV show or their favorite movie won't hurt.  This is a fun gift because the child will recognize their buddy when they see the present.

7) Clothes

Clothes at this age are just so cute who can resist.  This is the perfect age to give clothes as a present.  As children get older often they'll be disappointed at the sight of clothes when they open a present, but at this age they'll be fine.

8) Money

Money is always appreciated.  You may not want to give cash, but a savings bond is still a great gift these days.  Something the baby will have when he/she grows up.  Or a contribution to a college fund is smart gift as well.

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