1st Birthday Favors & Party Favors For All Ages

Find below fun party favor products that we have selected as good choices for your next kids party. Kids expect this special treat at the end of every kids party so be sure not to disappoint.

We've included 1st birthday favors and party favors for all ages below!

Party Favor Ideas:

Party favors don't need to be expensive or extravagant just fun for the kids. It's always nice to tie the party favors in with the theme of the party such as adding a Hot Wheels car to the favor bag when throwing a car themed party. Or a bottle of nail polish for a glamour girl party.

Party favors are also an excellent way to thank your guests for coming so some thought should be put into the favors. Although the favors don't need to be expensive they should be age appropriate and something the kids will enjoy. Some popular favors are candy party favors, toy cars, stickers, crayons, coloring books and balls to name a few.

In addition to toys kids also expect an edible treat in their favor bag. Candy party favors, of course, are most popular but if you don't want to give out candy try some other tasty option such as fruit snacks, granola bars or oatmeal cookies.

Also, don't forget that an activity can become a favor as well. We love to have the kids do a craft at a kid’s party and then take the craft home as a favor. This serves a dual purpose at your party and is something the kids will enjoy.

The party favor also serves another great purpose.  The party favors are typically distributed to the guests at the end of the party.  When you start handing out the party favors it signals to your guests that the party is over.  So if your party doesn't seem to be winding down or you have some lingering parents when you hand out the favors they'll get the subtle hint yet it's not rude.  Couldn't be more perfect!

The bottom line is kids expect a party favor at the end of the party so don't disappoint. Provide this special gift of a few small toys and a sweet treat as a thank you for coming.

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