Balloons Are A Hit

A party isn't a party without party balloons!! Party balloons help to bring the decor of your party together. Balloons are not only a fabulous decoration for any party, but kids also find them fun to play with.  We always say if you're on a budget and can only afford one party decoration buy as many balloons as you can.  Balloons make a party festive.

All kids love balloons and expect to see them at a party. Check out our balloon store where you'll find balloons for all types of party themes!

Balloon Tips:

Balloons not only provide wonderful decorations for any party but also can create fun and surprising displays for your guests.  To children at a party balloons are colorful, exciting, creative and equally fun.

1) When selecting balloons pick colors that match your theme and choose balloons that match the birthday year, 1st birthday and 2nd birthday balloons are popular.  

2) Balloons come in many different shapes.  Choose shapes that match your theme, for example a Safari party would have animal shaped balloons. 

3) Be creative with how you place them. Create balloon bouquets and stagger your balloons.  Add balloons to you tables and chairs. 

4) If you are ambitious and have the time and inclination make balloon objects such as the "Hot dog Balloon" or "Balloon Hat". You can also create more elaborate objects with balloons such as a balloon arch and balloon columns (you can purchase a kit that will show you how to make balloon characters and objects.)

5) You can also use balloons as an activity such as having a water balloon fight or try to pop balloons by sitting on them (remember to clean up popped balloons as they are a choking hazard for children).

Whatever you decide just keep in mind that balloons are an easy way to make party decorating complete and provide fun such as water balloon games!

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